Best Kept Secret Skincare was born of both desire and necessity: the desire to have a quality moisturizer made from the very best along with a recognized greater need for black people to demonstrate love in the form of self-care.  


We all know that the best place to hide something is in plain sight, so we kept it simple and sought out nature’s gifts. Our products are made with organic, natural ingredients sourced domestically and internationally. Some of these ingredients have been used for centuries to treat and nourish skin as well as combat common issues like eczema, discoloration and stretch marks.


We make it our goal to ensure that our products reflect our values around consistent quality and affordable pricing. We handmake our butters in small batches to ensure that they are mixed to perfection. More so than that, we melt our butters low and slow so they never burn. This means that you get the luxury of your butter with all the vitamins and nutrients intact.


All in all, we value the experience: the experience of making rich body butters that nourish the skin, and YOUR experience when you unscrew the top on a product that will provide lasting moisture and an even more lasting impression.