Questions, Questions, Questions...

You have them, and we're happy to answer them! So let's get into it: here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions (and answers, of course!)


How do I use it? 

We put a LOT of thought into the experience that we want you to have in using your body butter. We recommend that you start with a small amount (a little goes a long way) and rub it between your hands for a few seconds before massaging it gently into your skin.


Is it safe to use everywhere?

BKS body butters are safe to be used EVERYWHERE! We encourage its use as a hand cream, body moisturizer, particularly on excessively dry areas (think elbows, knees, feet, etc.). Honestly, you can use it on your face, but we will leave that to your discretion. Always be sure to test on a small area, especially if you tend to have more sensitive skin.


Can I use BKS butters all year round?

Of course! Again, we put a LOT of thought and energy into building out a skincare combination that absorbs quickly and lasts. Ashiness isn't just reserved for cold weather, and neither is our formula. We kept the changing seasons in mind with scents to fit each time of year and a blend that keeps you moisturized without that sticky residue feeling. 


How should I store it?

We recommend that you store your body butter in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. While we would love for you to you keep it close to your sink, tub, etc. we suggest that you limit your body butter's exposure to water as it can introduce bacteria...and that's just not good.

You can keep it in your purse or car, but remember that it can harden and melt with the temperature, though its usability won't change.


How soon will my body butter arrive?

We highly value customer service, and want to make sure that you receive the absolute best in your BKS experience. For this reason, we process and ship orders 24-48 hours after they are placed. That said, we ship with the U. S. Postal Service, so we ask that you allow 2-9 days for delivery to your door.